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Grad Portfolio

A requirement in graduating from Rocklin Independent Charter Academy is to complete the Graduation Portfolio worth 5 credits. This assignment is meant to assist you in determining your future educational goals while also assisting you in gathering the tools you will need to gain employment. Below are the links to each requirement within the graduation portfolio. Begin with clicking on the Cover Page which will give you a summary of the assignment.
Print and keep this page as a list of things to do. Have your teacher sign each section as you complete it.
1. Assessment on Strengths and Skills (Options) 
Option 1: Complete the Naviance Surveys: (See your teacher if you have trouble logging in.)
Option 2: Sign up for ASVAB test in main office.
2. Write a paper explaining "Who I Am" and  your Career Survey Results
3. Write a page describing "What I Imagined, Assumed, or Knew". 
4. Choose 2 Careers you are interested in
Career 1: ___________________
Career 2: ___________________
Can chose from any field
You must complete 2 worksheets (1 per career choice)
Helpful Link to complete worksheets.
Using your Research Worksheets, complete 2 essays (1 per career)
Open document and save to your computer or file.
Answer 12 of the attached questions in 3 complete sentences or more per answer.
8. Interview someone from the Career/s you have chosen. You can write your own questions, or use this form when you interview someone (or you can attend the Career Faire at in the Spring).
10. Resume
Use the template to create your resume
Use the template to create your letter 
Samples provided for your reference:  Sample 1      Sample 2
Must fill out completely with zero errors for credit.
13. Budget Planning
Access website: 
Click "Choose Your Lifestyle": Take an honest assessment of your future goals.
Print: "Monthly Spending Budget. (From Website)
16. ESLER's Reflection Essay
In the essay, describe how you met each of the 5 areas of the ESLER (any time throughout your high school career), and provide physical evidence (an assignment, a photograph, a PowerPoint, a DVD, etc.)
Your final step is to gather all of your assignments for the portfolio and professionally put In a 3-ring binder.